Well I decided to feed the animals a bit early today.  We usually feed them around 5pm each night.  However, since it was a snow day and I was off I thought I better do it a bit early. I had to call the pigs to come as they were all nestled up in their house cozy and warm.  Typically they are waiting at the fence line for their food.  It was actually a good thing they were still dozing because with all of the snow we have it is hard getting around.

Next off to water and check the feed level for the chickens.  This is where the trouble began. Too much snow makes a mule get stuck The ATV got stuck in the snow.  The mastiff who was outside helping me today was jumping around like a fool, barking at me as if to say, “come on, whats wrong can’t you drive.”  There is no moving the atv till Ian gets home so it was a matter of hand lugging all of the food and water to everyone.  This isn’t usually a problem but once you get off the packed down paths (which got close to 10″ overnight) the snow was well up my thigh.  This makes for some hard walking.dscn0066_1

I fed to two wethered goats and then I couldn’t get their gate shut.  Too much snow packed under the gate lifted the gate enough so the latch and the hole didn’t match up.  I had to spend about 15 minutes digging the snow out from under the gate and then push down on it with all my might to get it to latch.

The other goats weren’t much of a problem.  The fact that the cutoff switch for the fence charger is still broken made it difficult to not get shocked.  I did however luck out and not get electrocuted.  The goats ate heartily.  The LaManchas had fun digging in my pockets for goat treats and Clint the myotonic buck caClint in the snowme as close to me as he ever had while I laid on the ground taking pictures.  I think the fact that I was not towering over him made him feel gutsy.  However anytime I moved to get a good picture he jumped and backed off.  He is one scardy goat.
There was good news on the chicken front. Today we had 7 eggs.  This is the best we had so far.  Yesterday I added some vinegar and molasses to the water, perhaps that helped.