Where else would such an advertisement be made? Apart from the quirk sense of humor the UK is way ahead of the game in natural foods. Even pepsi has devised a recipe for a natural version without high fructose corn syrup.  This is not available to US consumers.  At a time when more and more studies show that the foods we eat can be harmful, our food supply is shifting to larger and larger concentrations of products being made/grown/processed by a few large companies.   Consumers here need to start voting with their wallets to demand a healthier alternative to the quasi foods and to the hormone/antibiotic laden foods we have been served up for the last few decades.
I realize that the costs can be a deterrent, especically for working class people such as myself.  However, I read a good article on pasture raised poultry last evening.  In it one producer stated that she explains to customers that her costs $3-4 per pound (resulting in $80 turkeys) are justified because eating well can keep you out of a doctors office.  If you think about this statement, it makes good sense.
Now, rather than focus on scary serious things, laugh at the British sense of humor.
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