Tonight because we are in a rush to get ready to go to the PASA conference and because I have little time to make a real meal we are having the school lunch favorite, chicken patties for dinner. I must admit though I do like them. Perhaps it is because it brings me back to my youth. I can’t say my mom every cooked them, but they were a staple of the elementary and high school lunch diet.

Thinking about school lunches, in the school district in which I currently work, the lunches are TERRIBLE and so are the breakfasts. Schools complain about children’s behavior issues but then they feed the children receiving school breakfast poptarts. Now nothing against poptart lovers, however, this high on sugar low on nutrition food is not ideal for children and is a terrible way to start a day. Lunches are not much better. I’ve seen children eating processed frozen pizza slices the size of 2 little ceasers hot and ready slices. Now I’m not a shy eater but that is more than enough for me for a lunch. However, a first grader can pack it in. As to vegetables and fruits. They do always serve a fruit and they most often have a salad option. However the days that they serve taco nacho’s (a cup of taco flavored hamburg topped with processed cheese and nacho’s to dip in this tasty concoction) the children do not have a veg. Just when I thought that the days of the school workers cooking foods from scratch,  a few innovative schools across the country are doing just that.

This gives me hope for my school district.