Well, the craziness has ensued.  We are going to the PASA Conference in State College PA.  We will be attending two of the pre-conference sessions, I on cheese making, Ian on sustainable forestry.   Yesterday, I called and spoke with a lady named Patty Neiner who explained we have to register as walk-ins. She guaranteed that we would be able to attend the pre-conference tracks we had selected.  So we decided that we will give it a go.  Today we are washing clothes, packing, getting the house picked up, getting the animals sorted so its easy for the parents to farm sit and all of this in time to nap and leave around 2 or 3 in the morning tonight/tomorrow when we would normally be sleeping.  On top of all of this,  we also have to work today.  I’m hoping that this conference is worth it, both in terms of cost and time.

Typically we attend once conference a year, last year we attended one by Stone Barns center for food an agriculture.  This organization has wonderful workshops,from our opinion mostly geared toward food activism, however, the swine school presented last year was awesome.  We would highly recommend the program if it is ever presented again.

Well I suppose I better think about doing some dishes prior to work, it will mean one less thing to have to do tonight…