Lacto Fermentation is fermentation process in which bacteria convert sugars into energy and form the product lactic acid.  Many natural food products are fermented this way including sauerkraut and kimchi.  Tonight we started our trial of using ginger as a starter culture to create soda pop.  Now this is not your high fructose in a bottle kind of pop but one that gives its fizz from the fermentation process.  The end product has some similarities in flavor to beer but given that the process is bacterial and not due to yeast the fermentation should remain non-alcholic. I’ll keep you posted on the progress through the coming days.

Day 1, ginger and sugar in a 1/2 gallon milk jug.LactoFermentation with ginger root

This bottle came from the pot-gold dairy in Bear Lake.  One of NWPAs only (if I’m wrong please correct me) dairys licensed to sell raw milk.  It is super tasty and I wish they were closer to me as I would be getting it all the time.