In 2005 Monsanto applied for a patent for pig genentics which are found in nearly all pigs grown around the world.  My pigs would be Monsanto’s pigs if this happens.  I cannot find if the patent was approved but even if it hasn’t been Monsanto is well on its way to owning the worldwide food supply. As recently as January of this year Monsanto filed suit against Michigan Farmers for using soybean seed without paying royalties.  Now for a non-farmer this may seem a simple concept (you pay if you use their seed)  However, what is not taken into account is the pollen drift can alter a crop and if you save seeds from your crop which has been affected by pollen from a neighbor’s Monsanto patented crops you can get sued.  This has been happening with an all to scary frequency around the world.

Now consider the impact on farmers if a gene sequence found naturally in all pigs is patented.  Will I have to pay royalties to Monsanto each time my sows give birth?  Will I be sued for using “their” gene sequence even though I’m currently raising heritage breeds?

Should a company even be able to “own” the building blocks of life?  Even if you aren’t a religious person, the sound of this is quite frightening.  If you follow on the logical sequence, Monsanto who owns 90% of the worlds GM seeds can easily control who gets seeds, which countries or people have the ability or right to use them.  What better control over a people than to control their food supply.

I highly urge everyone to read up on Monsanto and other large biotech and corporate agricultural companies.  It will be an eye opener for you.

If you don’t want to support Monsanto’s food monopoly you need to insist on non-gmo products.  Insist that your meat comes from animals not feed GMO feeds.  Buy locally and do your part to protect the food system from corporate biotech firms.

On a lighter note our piggies are looking good today.  They were napping when Ian went to check on them, but soon woke up to take a morning stroll since it is a sunny beautiful morning. Sometimes just going out to be with the animals can help you forget all which is wrong with the world.

The pigs do suprisingly well in all seasons. Even on cold days the get up an enjoy a good walk.

The pigs do suprisingly well in all seasons. Even on cold days the get up an enjoy a good walk.