After going to the dump today to dispose of items from the basement flood I did have a bit of good luck.  I ran into a couple that were throwing out old glass cider vinegar and apple cider jugs.  I was able to save them and bring them home.  The couple were happy that someone wanted to use them.   I’m hoping to start cleaning them out to use them for my lacto fermentation experiments.  The starter should be ready any day now.  I just need to figure out what flavor we want to try first when making the soda pop.

Also on one of the yahoo groups I belong to someone was discussing small scale baling.  Luckly someone found a link to a hand baling apparatus that you can download a pdf for.

This baling is an interesting concept.  As it stands we have been using maybe 50 bales per winter at 2.25 – 4.25 a bale depeding on where we get it.  So I figure that we spent about around 160 a year on hay.  Now that may not be much but we really would rather not spend any and do it ourselves.  However, the equipment is costly.  If we could hand bale 100 bales a day one or two days effort would give us what we need for all of our animals this year including any babies we keep.

I’d love to hear any opinions on hand baling of hay or other suggestions for keeping perhaps 5 acres for small scale production.
Also while on my way to the dump, I listened to Greg Judy’s talk on high density grazing and how he does not use any hay at all but has his cows on pasture year round.  He seems to think this is possible in our climate with a good high density grazing program.  I’d love to see examples of this being done in areas with high amounts of lake effect snow fall.  Here in WNY I have concerns that the snow may be just too deep for winter grazing.  However, I’m open to becoming a believer.

I would like to see more on his grazing using a multi species approach.  On his site you can see a picture of a big sleeping by some goats.  Now I know most goat people would NEVER think of letting their goats around a pig.  However, in the one picture they seem very content together.