I couldn’t resist a silly, pointless, yet in my opinion funny video on bacon.  (Again this level of humor brought to you by the wonderfully humorous british – Ian would be proud )  Also for those interested in Bacon you may want to check out Bacon Today.

As I mentioned before we received our pork back from the processor this past weekned.  This was the first time we have utilized the new processor.  I’ve previously mentioned some likes and dislikes about this facility which I won’t rehash, however, another dislike that we have is that we cannot sell this bacon for reseale as his bacon smoker is not USDA approved.

We did have some bacon smoked to for our personal use just to try it.  I found it it to be ok – not as good of flavor as that we’ve received from other processors.  Ian found the flavor to be lacking in terms of smokyness.  Because of this we won’t use this processor for bacon or recommend it to customers for their bacon needs.

We are still working to find ways to have the bacon packaged for resale and are considering our options of perhaps having this facility process the pork then package the slab bacon in a box to be taken to an approved smoke house so we can sell.  Bacon tends to be at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to pork products so we don’t want to miss out on those sales.

I’m still conflicted because overall the packaging is better and the cuts are good.  The lack of bacon and the lesser quality of the processing of the bacon is a deterant.  We’ll have to decide and come up with something before this spring.