We have been busy doing planning and returning calls and e-mails so I’ve not been reading up too much on whats happening in the farming world (outside of our little bubble)over the past couple of days.

We’re currently trying to find a good dealer for the port-a-huts instead of building farrowing huts.  We are hoping that this will save in both time and money and ease transportation of the huts.  I’ve also been contemplating cattle at least a couple head.  I’d love a dual purpose specifically a milking devon but right now I don’t think i can talk Ian into the prices.  If anyone has any healthy bred heifers for sale in the great lakes region let me know.  I’m thinking that cattle might be the way to go to improve the pastures with the lowest carbon footprint possible.  We have begun brush hogging the goldenrod mess.   From listening to other pasture based farmers they say that this is the way to go.  Highish stocking rates, frequent moves and long rest periods for the pasture.  I don’t know if the pigs alone will accomplish it or if doing a pig/cow/goat flerd would work.  I’m thinking about giving it a go.

Speaking of goats, two are looking bigger and bigger any I’m thinking perhaps towards the end of march will be the big day.  We are working on getting kidding pens ready this weekend if we aren’t going to ohio to get the farrowing huts. I’m totally excited over the milk prospects.  We cannot wait!!

Other than the above mentioned, I’ve been run down feeling and I’ve no clue why.  I know I’m fed up with the snow and I’m totally ready for grass and better weather.  I blame the winter blah’s on my delay in ordering and staring seeds.  I am going to do this weekend.  I HAVE to do that this weekend.  No more delays.

Perhaps he will use his magic whistle and  bring in spring...

Perhaps he will use his magic whistle and bring in spring...