I have been tremendously ill since the weekend. I think I may have picked up a bug from one of my kiddo’s at work and I’ve been coughing and unable to breath since the weekend. This is why the posts have been non-existant. I’ve spent 99% of time in bed or on the sofa leaving Ian to do all the work. That being said, I’ve gone mentally stir crazy with all of the stuff I could/should be doing.

Tomorrow is the big move. We are moving the sows to pasture from the woods. Even though the ground is really too damp for pasture grazing, we are moving them. This is for a reason. Our hope is that this area the pigs will root and till and muck in and get prepped for some of our garden. This is going to be one test plot to see how the tilling/rooting/fetilizing affects the ground for seeding. I’m planning on using this space for late season crops that way any manure has a chance to get worked in and broken down so it wont burn the roots of the plants.

The other reason for this move is that the sows should be farrowing as early as mid next weed as they were exposed the boar on the 11th.

The huts are setup, the fencing is done and we just have to set up the watering unit that we are still looking for a 55 gal drum for. We had one that we cut in half as a feeder and we are now kicking ourselves because the supplier we used in the past no longer is available.

Farrowing Huts

Farrowing Huts

Well since I have to go check on the goats and let the chickens out before i leave I’ll have to finish this discussion and fill you in on the egg progress as well as production has increased tremendously.  Till later- holly