Ever wonder why people charge so much for goats milk? Its because its a lot of work. Not only do you have to care for the animals which takes time, but the process itself is time consuming. Starting with washing your buckets and pails are meticulously clean the next step we do is to get the goats up on the stand and brush the goats down. This helps to loosen and brush away any dust or hairs on the goat to keep them from falling into the pail while milking. Next step is washing and drying the udder. Then we squirt the first milk from each teat into a strip cup. This is because the milk that has been in the teat since the last milking is higher in bacteria. You want to flush it out so you have the freshest milk possible and also to check to make sure the milk looks good, no clumps or lumps. Now its time to milk. Milking by hand is a rythmic squeezing of the teat. I liken it to tapping your fingers on a desk. After we have milked all of the milk from the udder we dip the teats and put mama back in with the babe. Its then into the house for storing the milk and washing up the equipment.

By the time you are done your hands are tired and achy until you get them used to the work. As our does are just freshening my hands have been killing me lately.