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So I found out about google books.  It is a wonderful site.  I though I’d give it a whirl as I have been looking for information about what can affect  sex is determination of the progeny of my swine.  The reason being we seem to be having a lot of boar piglets.  So we have an older boar, that is older than the sows, that bred the sows during the harshest most stressful part of the year.  According to this, perhaps that explains why there were so many more boars.

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Text-book of human physiology including histology and microscopical anatomy with especial reference to the practice of medicine By Leonard Landois, Albert Philson Brubaker, Augustus Adolph Eshner

However, in cattle it has been suggested:

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Experiment Station Record By U.S. Office of Experiment Stations

I would love to see if if at all mineral needs, overall diet, stress, age, affect and can be controlled to increase the likelyhood of various offspring.  I did find one study showing that social hierarchy can affect the ratios of males to females.

Progeny sex ratio variation in ungulates: maternal age meets environmental perturbation of demography.
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Saltz, David