Ian Harvesting ApplesHidden Hollows is a family farm located in southwestern NY.  Ian and Holly are owned by the farm (yes I meant the farm owns us) but many family members help out on a regular basis.  We hold day jobs to support ourselves (Holly working in the mental health/social services field and Ian in manufacturing of steel) the farm provides (in a good year) extra income.  Which believe it or not, is the goal (income) of most farms.

Holly in a big hatHere at Hidden Hollows we strive to educate ourselves as much as possible with any and all information that is useful to pasture and forest based farming methods.  In addition we will talk until we are blue in the face about issues such as sustainability and safety of our country’s food supply.

Because of our concerns about what is available in most grocery stores, we raise a variety of produce/livestock.  Its our goal to make good wholesome food available and accessible to the typical family.