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As I’ve discussed a bit already, we have goats and pigs that are due to give birth within the next few weeks. The sows were exposed to a boar back in December and they should start farrowing around the 11th. The Goats are officially due the 15th and the 21st. Tonight when I went outside I noticed how bright the moon is. This got me wondering when the full moon will be. Well needless to say its the 10th which is Tuesday. Now here is my question. Will the animals give birth on the 10th? If any pigs do give birth they will be at minimum, a day early. The goats would be 6-11 days early. I’ve seen some reference to goats kidding in a 3 day window before or after the full moon. I know that the goats and 1 of the pigs udders are really filling out so the day is fast approaching.

In anticipation of the goats first pregnancy, I did get a chance to shave down the goat’s backsides in preparation with the new clippers we picked up tonight.

I’m also stocked up on supplies for the goat supplies as I want to be ready given this is their first freshening. The sows on the other hand are old hat at farrowing and they are more than capable of birthing on their own.

I’m sure all will go well. And I am interested to see if the phase of the moon will affect the animals.