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When I got on to the blog this morning it was doing all kinds of crazy things. For the time being I put up a new header image and used a different theme. Piglets make me think spring even though it looks like we won’t break freezing yet again this week.

I have plans to go get a bit of straw and hay after work today. We put a new floor in the current pig house this weekend and I feel it needs more bedding than what we currently have in it. Also the goats and chickens could use a top off of bedding as well. I tried to pick up some wood shavings at tractor supply but they were out.

We also spent time organizing/ doing an inventory of the meat that we got from the last butcher of hogs. We came up with some different packages to sell and we need to e-mail out flyers for this. I’m currently unsure what I think of the new butcher/processing facility. He was super willing to talk to us and was willing to let us see him in action. I checked out the kill floor and it was clean and tidy. However, he is not keen on pigs. Now not everyone has to like every animal but it was a very strong dislike “the only good pig is dead.” type of dislike. Just makes me wonder how careful he is with pigs going into slaughter when he is less keen on them. Perhaps I’m being picky but it just puts that doubt in my mind. Its a proven fact that the treatment just before and at the time of slaughter affects meat quailty so this is not just me being a softy, it affects our business.

Also on a side note. The Cyro-wrapping is nice and it does a good job in presenting the meat. However, there were at least 5 packs of meat that were not sealed well. One ham, one pack of spare ribs a couple packs of chops and something else that I cannot remember off the top of my head. I cannot sell these since they are already getting ice crystals on them. I kinda feel like I shouldn’t have to pay for wrapping on those items since they are unusable. If we use the facility again I’ll have to address that with the butcher.

With all of the wonderfully put together websites and blogs we felt farm’s website was completely lacking. With that in mind we’ve been trying out various new versions. We still are not content with the new website and we much preferred the older version but I don’t have access to that editing software on a regular basis. This means that it is not easy in our limited free time to update. We thought we would try wordpress’s blogging outift. So far we are most happy with . Let us know what you think.